Budget Time

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          The Australian Government is about to bring down the budget fro 2016. What can we expect? For some of us it is something to  be avoided, but for others, especially those closer to retirement, those in business and those dependant on government  hand-outs, it’s important. Shane Oliver from AMP Capital gives us an overview. Clink the link and watch this short...

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Is there a future for active management?

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    More and more there is a desire to endeavor to control our own finances. Is that possible or so we still need help? Acorn investing has now come to Australia with an AP, being an American initiative. Developed with logarithms, this ETF has been on the market for 1 week and already it has 25,000 expressions of interest. For interest sake and to answer any questions that may arise from would be clients I  myself joined up with a $10 deposit. After troweling through the pages and with a few calls to the managers I created a profile and I am off. However, I can see that without...

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Budget 2015-Repair or Despair

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  On Tuesday night we had our treasurer Joe Hockey bring down the 2015 budget. Last year’s budget went down like a lead balloon and was blocked in the Senate by the party that created the problems that needed to be fixed. This budget is more palatable but what are the issues?   Does this budget bring Repair or Despair? Check it out and see what you...

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what to expect from the budget

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        Australia’s Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey The current government has not had a balance of power in the Senate and have struggled to implement all promised budgetary changes to bring Australia back to a surplus. Next Tuesday is budget night and we will be given our government’s attempt at again bringing around a better position. How will they go? When it comes to understanding a government’s attitude to the budget and how thy might act we look no further than AMP’s head economist Share Oliver. Follow the link below: Federal...

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SMSF and Global Infrastructure

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          SMSFs and investing can be very much based on personal bias. However, if we invest in only one sector we can find ourselves in trouble when the market for that sector depreciates. Having a look at other sectors and what they can add to our portfolio is always wise.               Check out the link and be informed at what AMP Capital are up...

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The Future of Term Deposits

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      Nightly, most Australians stop and watch the market report. The people who are most affected in the interest rates are retirees and SMSFs with large cash deposits. As this report by AMP Capital states, the rules have now changed. If you have term deposits or are thinking of using them click the link and read. It is good to be...

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