Is there a future for active management?

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More and more there is a desire to endeavor to control our own finances. Is that possible or so we still need help? Acorn investing has now come to Australia with an AP, being an American initiative. Developed with logarithms, this ETF has been on the market for 1 week and already it has 25,000 expressions of interest.

For interest sake and to answer any questions that may arise from would be clients I  myself joined up with a $10 deposit.

After troweling through the pages and with a few calls to the managers I created a profile and I am off. However, I can see that without the insight I have, many would be flying blind and could find themselves caught in a place they do not want to be. Whilst I love the idea, the concept of being able to invest through an AP, which connects to my bank account, with an arrangement that all monetary transaction I undertake; as in coffee, groceries, if they are not round values, the AP will take out the balance and round up the amounts in my account, I think investing is brilliant and this is one way to do it. It is not for the faint of heart. However, be warned, there are fees for attempts to round up and the money not being there. This can easily happen when you are out shopping and not keeping an eye on the balance.

However, there is definitely a reason why you would use the experts. This sort of program could be a way to lose  lot of money, if not done properly, and for a few, make money, mainly the financially astute. Watching the financial report every night and reading the Financial review does not give you a degree, it makes you dangerous.

So what is the alternative? I am glad you asked. AMP Capital addresses the desire for active management and the outcomes thus far. The article is a good read. Get a coffee and put your feet up and be educated.




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